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paper cup holder are packed and ready to be shipped

Shenglin Packaging's paper cup holder are ready and to be shipped in factory on October 10th. This is a repeated order from one of Shenglin Packaging's customer. 1*40HQ container is full of paper drink holder . This customer also buy our sugarcane bagsse tableware and some other  sugarcane bagsse tableware.

Disposable Paper cup holder are made of regular ripple paper carton materials or some other eco materials . Disposable cup holder can be folded into flat paper and easy for set up use. Paper 4 cup holders can be easily divided into two piece of 2 cup holders. Foldable paper holders can be store and keep in small area, easy set up and good for take out coffee cups. Takeaway cup holders are 100% recyclable, lightweight, unbreakable, refillable. We can use paper cup tray when we take away drinkings. Paper drink holder can be widely used in coffee shop, drink shop and some on.

Shenglin Packaging's sugarcane bagasse tableware, paper bowls, paper cups can be a widely  used in our daily life. More eco products:

paper cup holder containerpaper cup holder container

paper cup holder full containerpaper cup holder full container

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