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The bagasse plate of Shenglin Packaging reached a purchase intention with a new customer

Recently, our company and a new customer reached a cooperation intention for bagasse trays. This new client comes from a country that we have not worked with before.

We have been in contact with this customer for a long time before, and we have also sent sugarcane plates samples to customers for reference on the quality of our sugarcane bagasse tableware. However, due to some other reasons, it is a pity that we have not been able to cooperate.

Due to the epidemic this year, the catering industry in many countries has been greatly affected. Some of our customers have also been affected. On the basis of maintaining old customers, we also contacted new customers. In one contact, we had a new understanding with this new customer and we also talked a lot.

In our email exchanges with customers, we learned that customers are very interested in our bagasse plates. We have quoted the prices of several bagasse plates, and we have also sent several bagasse pulp tableware samples to customers. We have shown our existing certifications related to bagasse tableware to customers. The customer selected 2 sugarcane pulp plates. After confirming the order quantity with the customer, we negotiated the price of the sugarcane disposable plates for a long time. In the end, each of them gave in a step, and then confirmed the bagasse tray order.

bagasse plate

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