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Shenglin Packaging's Bagasse Tableware Case Sharing Conference

At the weekly meeting last Friday (on the morning of October 23, 2020), the salespersons shared some of their case studies on bagasse tableware.

The salespersons of Shenglin Packaging's foreign trade department will summarize and summarize the situation of sugarcane tableware when communicating with customers, other departments and other partners, and form a case analysis report.

In the process of sharing the case of bagasse tableware, everyone discussed with each other and had a strong learning atmosphere. For individuals, it is technical improvement and ability improvement. One of the most impressive points is that some customers are more inclined to pay attention to product prices in both price and product quality. In response to this, our salespersons should make targeted quotations on the basis of clearly explaining product quality to customers. The number of customers' orders for sugarcane bagasse tableware is also a key factor in our quotation. Because the salesman takes into account the labor cost and other costs of our production department. It is very important to provide customers with a suitable price within a reasonable range.

Through the case sharing activity of sugarcane pulp tableware, the salesmen were inspired to think about the post work, and cited relevant experience to propose reasonable solutions to the problems in the inspection work. Can better serve customers.

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