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Shenglin Packaging's Foreign Trade Department organized a knowledge exchange conference on bagasse tableware

On October 22, 2020, colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department of Shenglin Packaging organized a product knowledge exchange conference on bagasse tableware. The business personnel of the foreign trade department discussed and exchanged and drew lots to explain our sugarcane bagasse tableware product knowledge.

Through this exchange conference, we have increased the professional technical knowledge of sugarcane tableware of our business staff, and have a better understanding of the company's bagasse tableware, which facilitates future communication with customers, and uses our expertise to better serve customers.

Shenglin's bagasse tableware includes bagasse plates (round, oval and square, etc.), bagasse bowls, bagasse lunch boxes, bagasse cups and so on. Bagasse tableware is a biodegradable disposable tableware, as well as a degradable and compostable disposable tableware. With the implementation of policies to prohibit disposable plastic tableware in many countries, bagasse tableware, as a disposable environmentally friendly tableware, is constantly known by people and is continuously being widely used in life.

sugarcane bagasse tableware

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