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take out boxes are packed and ready to be shipped

Shenglin Packaging's take out boxes are ready and to be shipped in factory on October 31th. This is a repeated order from one of Shenglin Packaging's customer. 1*40HQ container is full of  take out boxes . There are some different designs of take out boxes in the container.

Take-out packaging in the form of menu boxes is becoming increasingly popular among customers. Take out boxes  is ideal for consumption directly at the catering point and for transporting food to your home or office. Made of ecological paper and protected to preserve the right taste and aroma of dishes. Made to meet the requirements of gastronomy serving Asian, Turkish, Greek, vegan and vegetarian dishes, also dedicated to Italian cuisine for all kinds of pasta and takeout salads. Shenglin Packaging manufacturer produce many sizes disposable paper box for customer to choose. Shenglin Packaging manufacturer offer white paper boxes with a standard print. Shenglin Packaging factory also provide individual customer projects from 5,000 pcs. Kraft paper food box are also available if need it. 

More eco products from Shenglin Packaging in China like sugarcane bagasse tableware, paper cups, paper bowls are available. Welcome to inquiry.
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