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Australian customers opened some new bagasse bowl molds

Respond to the society's growing ecological awareness and demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Many customers of Shenglin Packaging are opening some new molds to better serve the market.

Shenglin Packaging's Australian customers opened some new bagasse bowl molds during September and November.

The biggest difference between bagasse bowl and plastic bowl is that bagasse products can be biodegraded in the environment and can be composted. Biocompost and organic waste will decompose when composting without releasing harmful substances. Bagasse bowl as a homogeneous material does not require additional With isolation, food residues can also enter the compost pile without increasing the surface of the landfill.

Shenglin Packaging has a professional team to help customers open new molds like sugarcane tableware( sugarcane plates, bagasse bowls). The designers of Shenglin Packaging can draw pictures through the products provided by the customers to help customers open the molds they want. Welcome to inquiry.

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