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bagasse containers are packed and ready to be shipped


Bagasse containers of Shenglin Packaging are ready and will be shipped to customers in the other country on November 10th at the factory. This is a repeated order from one of Shenglin Packaging's customer. 1*40HQ container is full of bagasse containers. There are 450ml, 500ml, 650ml, 750ml and 1000ml  bagasse containers in the 40HQ container.

Shenglin packaging have natural packaging for presenting chips, snacks and so on. Bagasse containers are made of bagasse, or sugar cane pulp. The attractive bagasse containers are particularly sturdy, food-safe and versatile. Bagasse containers are delivered stacked, so you can quickly grab and fill them. Thanks to their natural look, the bagasse containers are a hit at festivals and events and they fit every caterer, snack bar, food truck, toko and other supplier of delivery and take-away meals. Shenglin Packaging have bagasse lid, PET lid or PP lid for the bagasse containers.

Shenglin Packaging has the other sugarcane bagasse products like bagasse plate, bagasse bowl, bagasse cup. Welcome to inquiry.

bagasse container

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