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Company dinner on November 3, 2020.

In order to enrich the company’s cultural life, cultivate the team spirit of employees, increase the company’s cohesion and centripetal force, and provide a good communication platform for mutual exchanges and cooperation among colleagues. The foreign trade department of Shenglin Packaging held a dinner party at the steak shop outside on November 3, 2020. Express the company's deep concern for employees.

The activities, gatherings and dinners provide an opportunity for everyone to communicate and communicate. Cultivate everyone's feelings by participating in various interactive games and experience exchanges. Increase the cohesion between employees and strengthen the substantive connection between employees. Arrange for everyone to gather together, and hope that everyone can communicate with each other.

Due to cultural differences and dining habits, the frequency of using eco friendly disposable tableware in restaurants, bars, and beverages is different between domestic and foreign countries. Many Chinese restaurants still use reusable tableware such as ceramic plates instead of paper tableware such as bagasse plates for serving food. In many western restaurants, you will see noodle boxes, paper boxes and other environmentally friendly tableware to hold food. Colleagues from the foreign trade department of Shenglin Packaging had a dinner together at a Western-style steak shop.

Any eco friendly tableware is welcome to consult.

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