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Sugarcane bagasse to go box is in production


Affected by the epidemic, some restaurants in many countries have to be more inclined to provide takeaway packaging services. Many customers of Shenglin Packaging have confirmed the sugarcane bagasse to go boxes they want. Several sugarcane bagasse to go boxes of Shenglin Packaging are in production.

Sugarcane bagasse to go boxes are dedicated to large and small delicacies, made of high-quality materials, and protected to maintain the proper taste and aroma of the dishes. Sugarcane bagasse to go box can be used in restaurants, hotels, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, airlines, canteens and so on. We can see them everywhere in our daily lives.

Sugarcane bagasse to go box can be placed in a microwave oven and a freezer. Sugarcane bagasse to go box will not leak within two hours.

Sugarcane bagasse to go box is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Sugarcane bagasse to go box is a natural fiber product and is biodegradable. When the Sugarcane bagasse to go box degrades, it is made of natural, organic and renewable materials that can return natural ingredients to the environment. Sucrose products are a perfect substitute for petroleum-based polystyrene foam and plastic products, which require thousands of years to degrade.

Shenglin Packaging's bagasse packaging boxes are available in various sizes and shapes. Welcome to inquire.

Sugarcane bagasse to go box

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