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The price of disposable paper bowl materials rises


At present, it is in the peak season of paper mills until the end of the year. The price of paper materials continues to rise, and it is difficult to buy paper. This is one of the reason that the price of disposable paper bowl rises.

In addition to paper being one of the materials for paper bowls, PE or PLA is also a material for paper bowls. Although PE or PLA is only used inside or outside the paper bowl. But it also has an impact on the price of paper bowls. Especially the scarce material PLA has a greater impact on the price of paper bowls. The prices of PE materials and PLA materials have been rising recently, which has caused the price of paper bowls to rise.

At present, the main impact on the price of disposable paper bowls is the price of paper and PE or PLA coating.

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disposable paper bowl

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