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Sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes are packed and ready to be shipped

Sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes of Shenglin Packaging are ready and will be shipped to customers in the other country on November 26th at the factory.

This is a new order from one of Shenglin Packaging's old customer. 1*20GP container is full of sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes. There are many sizes sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes in the 20GP container. 

Sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes are made of sugarcane bagasse pulp which are the dried fruit pulp remains after the sugarcane stems are crushed for juice. The materials of sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes are safety and food-safe. Sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes are a good substitute for plastic packing boxes. It is more conducive to our environment and can better protect our earth.

Due to its natural appearance. Sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes is very popular at festivals and events, and it fits very well with the packaging concept of every restaurant, snack bar, food truck, deli or other delivery or dining out supplier. Sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes are can be used to pack burgers, French fries and a variety of foods we need to pack. 

Sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes can be used in some common household appliances such as microwave ovens, ovens, refrigerators,    and so on, which is convenient and easy to operate.

Sugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes finished loadingSugarcane bagasse clamshell boxes full container

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