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Rectangular paper bowl

Shenglin Packaging has recently released a new rectangular paper bowl. Unlike regular round paper bowls, this paper bowl is rectangular in shape. This new rectangular paper bowl can also be used as a lunch box.

This rectangular paper bowl is made of food kraft paper or food white paper, which can be in direct contact with food and is healthy and environmentally friendly. The interior of the rectangular paper bowl is designed with a coating film, which makes the rectangular paper bowl waterproof, oil-proof and leak-proof. Customers can customize their own design on the outside of the rectangular paper bowl. Size 500ml, 650ml, 750ml and 1000ml rectangular paper bowls are available for customers.

The lid of the rectangular paper bowl is made of double-layered material with vents to facilitate food ventilation and prevent heat leakage. In addition to paper lids, Shenglin Packaging also has matching PP lids, which can more conveniently meet customer needs.

This rectangular paper bowl is waterproof, oil-proof, heatable and can be used in refrigeration. This rectangular paper bowl is suitable for different places such as cold drink shops, food factories, restaurants, restaurants, supermarkets, and fast food chains.

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Rectangle Paper Bowl

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