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From a broad perspective, what are the benefits of using the bagasse tableware produced by Shenglin Packaging?

1.Low carbon emission reduction
Using Shenglin Packaging's bagasse tableware can reduce carbon production, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and carefully care for the human living environment.

2.Natural material
Shenglin Packaging's bagasse tableware uses natural and renewable plant materials, which are more environmentally friendly and safer.

The materials and products that use the bagasse tableware produced by the production department of Shenglin Packaging Factory in China can be completely biodegradable and reach the composting treatment standard after being used and discarded. Effectively, using bagasse tableware can reduces the harm of white waste to the global environment.

4.Energy saving
By using Shenglin Packaging's bagasse tableware, reduce the use of disposable plastic tableware and help reduce the consumption of petroleum resources.

5.Free from recycling
The bagasse tableware produced by the production department of Shenglin Packaging Factory in China meets the requirements of a cheap product with biomass content and compostable standards. Shenglin Packaging's bagasse tableware is a good disposable tableware that does not need to be recycled, which can reduce social costs without causing great pollution to the environment.

6. Multiple waste treatment methods

After used Shenglin Packaging's bagasse tableware, there are many options for the harmless treatment of waste including recycling (such as composting), landfill, and incineration.

bagasse tableware

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