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kraft and bamboo paper food packaging products have been on the rise

Food delivery services have seen a massive boost in 2020 which will carry on in 2021, kraft and bamboo paper food packaging products have been on the rise. Shenglin Packaging in China are producing a wide variety of paper food packaging products, making us a one stop manufacturing partner for customers.

Shenglin Packaging in China can offer many kinds of kraft paper and bamboo paper food packaging products. More details please find below:

Kraft paper food packaging products include: 

1. Kraft paper bowl: kraft paper soup bowl and kraft paper salad bowls, 

rectangular kraft paper bowls (new series)

rectangular kraft paper bowls

2. Kraft paper boxes

kraft paper noodle box, 

kraft paper noodle box

kraft paper sandwich box, 

kraft paper sandwich box

kraft paper box with windows,
kraft paper box with PET lid,
kraft paper pizza boxes.

3. Kraft paper sleeve and kraft paper cup holder.

4. Kraft paper bags.

5. Kraft paper chip cups.
kraft paper chip cup
6. Kraft paper trays.

Bamboo paper food packaging products include:
1. bamboo paper bowl: bamboo paper soup  bowl and bamboo paper salad bowl
bamboo paper food packaging

Some paper food packaging products may not be showed in our product catalog. Please feel free to inquiry if you have any ideas. Thank you.

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