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Q1: What is the life cycle of  sugarcane bagasse?

A1: First, sugarcane is harvested.

Second, sugar is extracted in factory and the leftover fiber is bagasse fiber.

Third, bagasse pulp fibers are processed into pulpboard.

Four, pulpboard are molded into bagasse pulp tableware.

Five, bagasse pulp tableware are composted after used, and they will enrich the soil.

Q2: Why is bagasse pulp tableware of Shenglin Packaging in China a compostable product?
A2: Because bagasse pulp tableware can biodegrade within a certain time (around therate at which paper biodegrades), and the resulting biomass are free of toxins, able to sustain plant lifeand be used as an organic fertilizer or soil additive.

Q3: What kind of food packaging can Shenglin Packaging's bagasse pulp tableware be used for?

A3: Shenglin Packaging's bagasse pulp tableware can be used to packed eggs, drinks, fruits, wines, instant noodles and so on. 

Q4: Can Shenglin Packaging provide bagasse pulp tableware coated with PLA or CPET?
A: Yes. Shenglin Packaging can provide PLA or CPET coated bagasse pulp tableware. However, the price of bagasse pulp tableware after coating will be much higher than that of bagasse pulp tableware without coating.

 bagasse pulp tableware

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