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PLA straw

With disposable plastic straws are banned by many countries and places, disposable paper straws and PLA straws have become the best alternatives. In addition to providing paper straws, Shenglin Packaging in China can also provide PLA straws for customers.

The material of the PLA straw is a biodegradable material-polylactic acid. PLA straw made of PLA material is a biodegradable environmentally friendly straw.

PLA straw has the characteristics of low carbon, energy saving, and environmental protection. The PLA straw is emulsified from corn or starch. After being discarded, PLA straw can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide under certain conditions. PLA straw does not pollute the environment and effectively avoids the white pollution problem caused by plastic products. PLA straw truly comes from nature and belongs to nature. 

Shenglin Packaging’s PLA straws are available in a variety of colors and diameters, including regular straight PLA straws and curved PLA straws. In addition to bulk packaging, the packaging of PLA straws can also be printed packaging for single straws. For more details, please feel free to inquiry.

PLA strawPLA straw

PLA strawPLA straw

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