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Order plans for bagasse tableware

As the Chinese New Year approaches, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, many factories have slowly stopped production. Many employees also started to go home one after another.

Many customers of Shenglin Packaging have placed orders to Shenglin Packaging in advance so that they can arrange the order production plan for bagasse tableware as soon as possible.

Currently, the production department of Shenglin Packaging in China is still producing bagasse tableware (bagasse lunch boxes, bagasse plates, bagasse bowls, etc.). So that some customers’ orders for bagasse tableware can be arranged for transportation as soon as possible after the Chinese New Year.

Customers who have an order plan for bagasse tableware, please inform as soon as possible, so that China Shenglin Packaging can arrange the production plan of bagasse tableware as soon as possible, and arrange the production of bagasse tableware as soon as possible. Customers can also receive the bagasse tableware they need as soon as possible. Follow-up arrangements can be better.

bagasse tableware

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