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Loading of bio pulp food containers

On May 20, 2021, the bio pulp food containers required by Shenglin Packaging’s customers was loaded into a 40HQ container at the factory. This is a new order from Shenglin Packaging's customer.

Bio pulp food containers are fully compostable. Bio pulp food containers also deliver a superior performance as they are grease and cut resistant along with freezer and microwave friendly.

With so many benefits, bio pulp food containers are an obvious choice. Bio pulp food containers are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable plant pulp, which is the fibrous pulp remaining after the juice is extracted from the plant stalks.

Bio pulp food containers are rigid but lightweight and are great for both hot or cold foods. Bio pulp food containers are hardness and not easy to be bended.

Bio pulp food containers are suitable for packing and dressing all kinds of food. We can used bio pulp food containers in our daily lives.

In addition to bio pulp food containers, Shenglin's bagasse pulp series also include bagasse trays, bagasse bowls, bagasse cups, bagasse cutlery and so on. Please feel free to inquiry.


bio pulp food containers

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