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Loading of kraft paper bowl

On May 28, 2021, the kraft paper bowl required by Shenglin Packaging’s customers was loaded into a 40HQ container at the factory. 

In addition to the regular round kraft paper bowls, Shenglin Packaging can also provide rectangular kraft paper bowls.

In addition to PE coated paper bowls that can meet the needs of most customers, Shenglin Packaging can also provide PLA coated kraft paper bowls to meet customer needs.

Whether it is a solid color kraft paper bowl or a printed kraft paper bowl. Shenglin Packaging can meet customer needs

The secure lid fit and microwave-safe materials of kraft paper bowl which make it the perfect graband go container. 

The kraft paper of kraft paper bowl is non-deformaing, waterproof and grease-proof when using. The matching lid of kraft paper bowl can prevent the side-leakage when the kraft paper bolw is full. The bottom of the kraft paper bowl has thread indentation, which can prevent the bottom from leaking and make the kraft paper bowl not easy to deform. The kraft paper bowl with lid can keep the food fresh and clean.

Kraft paper bowl with clear lids(orpaper lid) can be used for hot and cold foods or favorite treats. 

Kraft paper bowl is perfect for delis, cafeterias, caterers, sandwich shops, fast foodservice, salad bars, and restaurants.

kraft paper bowl

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