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Loading of pulp sushi tray


On June 2th, 2021, the pulp sushi tray series required by Shenglin Packaging’s customer were loaded into a 40HQ container at the factory. 

Pulp sushi tray is completely leak-proof and most of all pulp sushi trays are formed of bagasse or sugar cane residue. Each pulp sushi tray can be used in microwave, freezer and oven. 

Pulp sushi tray is fully eco-friendly both pre and post consumption. These pulp sushi trays just add value to food and presentation. 

Pulp sushi tray are ideal for cold or hot food, such as sushi, takoyaki fruits salad and dumplings.

Each pulp sushi tray is thick and sturdy, providing extra protection for the food. The smooth (inner) and textured (outer) surface of the pulp sushi tray facilitates the handling of takeaway food.

Each pulp sushi tray of Shenglin Packaging has a matching transparent lid. The matching lid allows a better visibility of the food, improves the global presentation and extend the filling options without compromising on the quality of the fitting and the stackability.

The customer purchased a full range of sushi boxes from Shenglin Packaging. There are 5 sizes in total.

Shenglin Packaging has multiple series of paper pulp products, in addition to the pulp sushi tray series, there are also pulp bowls, pulp container, pulp cups and so on. Please feel free to inquiry.

pulp sushi tray container

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