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Some simple common sense that food-grade paper boxes need to know


1. Material

The exquisite nature requires the use of food-grade paper in their packaging boxes. There will be one more gimmick in marketing, adding a selling point to the product. But the purchase of food grade paper is different from the purchase of ordinary white cardboard.

Another knowledge of materials is coating. A layer of oil-repellent coating is poured on the surface of the base paper. This is also food grade. Like the packaging bags used in hospitals, industrial-grade pellicles are used. The coating process is also produced in rolls, and different thicknesses can be required, such as 0.18mm, 0.4mm and so on.

2. Production

There are two common structures for packing boxes in food packaging, one is foldable and the other is fixed. The foldable basically uses the socket method. From the packaging factory, it is a sheet of formed paper, which can be used by folding it by itself during use. The fixed food box has a three-dimensional structure and cannot be stacked flat. In production, paste angle is a difficult problem. Of course, there are now special three-dimensional paste angle equipment.

If the quantity is only a few hundred or a few thousand, use hand glue. Of course, he can handle it well if he spends time and energy.

3. Other experience

Some food boxes do not require coating. Using food-grade glue directly, it can be fixed and shaped. If there is a film on the material, there are two processes for gluing the box, one is direct gluing; the other is hot blanching. If the paper has been coated, apply glue directly, normal glue will not go up. The glue must be applied after coating and ion treatment, otherwise the glue will be opened. The other is blanching. This must be done with machinery and equipment, and special molds must be used. The effect is better than glue. It is not only strong, but also beautiful, and there is no glue overflow.

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