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Rice husk tableware can be sterilized in the disinfection cabinet

Nowadays, more and more users are always concerned about the health and reliability of living, so they install disinfection cabinets in their homes. I am convinced that everyone is also particularly interested in the operation method of the disinfection cabinet. First of all, we should put the kitchenware in the disinfection cabinet, and then click the automatic disinfection function button of the disinfection cabinet.
Disinfection process of rice husk tableware in the disinfection cabinet:
The sterilization process of the ultraviolet disinfection cabinet is through the reflection of ultraviolet rays on bacteria to damage the structure of DNA in the body, eliminate virus and microorganisms or suppress reproduction.
High temperature sterilization is achieved by heating the temperature difference to more than 100 ℃ and maintaining it for more than 15 minutes to achieve detoxification.
Instructions for disinfection of rice husk tableware in the disinfection cabinet:
Putting plastic utensils in the disinfection cabinet will relieve harmful substances and damage your health. Especially prominent in the high temperature disinfection cabinet.
Food utensils that cannot withstand high temperatures cannot be placed in the grass-roots high-temperature disinfection cabinet.
Sterilization of rice husk tableware in the disinfection cabinet:
Whether the shell material is easy to wash and corrosion resistant, some steel materials are the favorite materials.
Whether the outside is neat and smooth, whether there are cracks and unevenness.
Whether the parts in the disinfection cabinet can be built solidly, whether the switches are unique, and whether the management keys can be unique and controllable.

After the power is turned on, can it be carried out routinely. 

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