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What is bagasse

What is bagasse? I have only heard of sugarcane. What is bagasse?
Sugarcane is one of the main raw materials for sugar production. About 50% of the bagasse remaining after sugar extraction can be used to make paper. However, some of the cane pith (myeloid cells) has no intertwining power and should be removed before the pulping process. The bagasse fiber length is about 0.65-2.17mm, and the width is 21-28μm. Although its fiber shape is not as good as wood and bamboo, it is slightly better than rice and wheat straw fibers. The slurry can be mixed with some wood pulp to make offset printing paper, cement bag paper, etc.
The invention relates to a substance prepared by fermentation of waste residue from sugar production, and a preparation method and application thereof. It contains a lot of beneficial bacteria and active substances, including water-soluble humic acid ≥14%, crude protein ≥6.5%. The product has a strong effect on increasing water body fertilization, can detoxify and purify the water, promote the growth of algae, improve and activate the bottom quality of the water body, increase the dissolved oxygen in the water body, and reduce the diseases of fish, shrimp, crabs and shellfish. The method uses bagasse as the main material, wheat, peanut cakes and a small amount of chemical fertilizer and minerals as auxiliary materials, and adds an aqueous solution containing a special ratio of bacterial flora. The fermentation process controls the temperature of the fermentation chamber to be below 75°C. It is dried below 75°C, and then pulverized into 100-200 mesh powder, so that the product has high water-soluble humic acid content and high activity.
Bagasse can also be used for the production of edible fungi. Because bagasse is acidic, lime and gypsum can be added appropriately to increase alkalinity. Add bran and other high-nitrogen auxiliary materials.

The strips of bagasse left after a person chews are the vascular bundles of sugarcane. 

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