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Composition of bagasse


Bagasse is a mixture, so what are its main ingredients?

In fact, bagasse is the scum from the squeezing of sugarcane sugar. It has a rough texture and accounts for about 24% to 27% of sugarcane (with water content of about 50%). For every ton of cane sugar produced, 2 to 3 are produced. Tons of bagasse. Approximate analysis of wet bagasse shows that bagasse is rich in cellulose, but less lignin, so bagasse has great advantages as a fiber raw material.

However, bagasse has low protein and energy content and can only be fed in small amounts, and must be fed with protein feed and energy feed. Adding non-protein nitrogen such as urea and molasses to bagasse is used to feed ruminant livestock, and the effect is better. Bagasse is generally not harmful to the human body, but if you are too thin and have less abdominal fat, it will cause sudden diseases such as constipation, intestinal obstruction, or appendicitis. Moreover, bagasse has no nutrition, just some crude fiber. Eating less will be laxative, and eating more will have the opposite effect. Therefore, do not swallow the bagasse easily, especially children, and we must prevent them from swallowing the sugarcane, which is very harmful to the body. When a child eats sugar cane, it is best to have a parent by his side. 

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