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Costa Rica's ban on foamed plastics takes effect

Costa Rica’s ban on foamed plastics came into effect on August 7. The Ministry of Environment and Energy also stated that the government will formulate relevant policies to encourage consumers and businesses to use more environmentally friendly materials.
Costa Rica’s “Nation” reported on August 8 that Costa Rica’s Law No. 9703 came into effect on August 7. The law stipulates that any domestic commercial organization is prohibited from importing, selling or gifting expanded polystyrene products to customers, that is, "foamed plastic" products.
It is reported that expanded polystyrene is often used as packaging material (such as lunch boxes, etc.) in the food industry due to its lightweight, hygienic, and low-cost characteristics. Since expanded polystyrene is resistant to high temperature and humidity, does not absorb water, and is difficult to rot, this material is difficult to be degraded in the natural environment, which has become a major problem in garbage disposal.
Haydée Rodríguez, Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, pointed out: “Costa Rica currently lacks the technology to reuse and effectively dispose of expanded polystyrene materials. Therefore, most of this type of waste will eventually be filled. Buried in the ground, or, worse, discarded into the natural environment."
Rodriguez emphasized: “It is very important to prohibit the import, sale or gift of expanded polystyrene products to customers. The entry into force of Law No. 9703 shows that we have taken an important step in protecting the river and marine environment.”

Rodriguez said that the Costa Rican government is also formulating a national plan to encourage consumers and businesses to gradually use more environmentally friendly materials.

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