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Single-Use Plastic Products Strategy for Malta

At the end of 2020, another EU member state-Malta issued the "Regulations on the Market Restriction of Disposable Plastic Products", clarifying its actual measures to implement the EU's management requirements for single-use plastic products.

Prohibited content
According to the requirements of the ban, disposable plastic products that are prohibited from being placed on the market mainly include two categories: disposable plastic products and products made of oxygen-containing degradable plastics, and disposable plastic products with plastic bottle caps. Among them, disposable plastic products and products made of oxygen-containing degradable plastics mainly include the following 9 categories (Part A of the Schedule of Malta Regulations):

(1) Cotton swabs, except for products that fall within the scope of Council Directive 90/385/EEC or Council Directive 93/42/EE;

(2) Tableware (forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks);

(3) Plate;

(4) Straws, except for products falling within the scope of Directive 90/385/EEC or 93/42/EEC;

(5) Beverage mixer;

(6) Sticks attached to and supporting balloons, except balloons for industrial or other professional uses and applications, which are not distributed to consumers, including the mechanical devices of such sticks;

(7) Food containers made of expanded polystyrene, that is, containers with or without lids, such as boxes, used to contain the following foods:

(a) It can be eaten directly: on-site or takeaway,

(b) Usually eaten directly in a container,

(c) Ready to eat without any further preparation, such as cooking, boiling or heating, including food containers for fast food or other ready-to-eat meals, except for beverage containers, plates and packaging bags containing food, and wrapping paper ;

(8) A beverage container made of expanded polystyrene, including its caps and lids.

(9) A beverage cup made of expanded polystyrene, including its caps and lids.

Disposable plastic products with plastic bottle caps (Part B of the Schedule of Malta Regulations) are mainly beverage containers with a capacity of no more than 3L, that is, containers used to hold liquids, such as beverage bottles (including bottle caps and bottle caps) and composite beverages Packaging (including bottle caps and bottle caps), but does not include: (a) glass or metal beverage containers with plastic caps, (b) used in the definition of point (g) of Article 2 of the European Regulation (EU) No 609/2013 The liquid form is a beverage container for products for special medical purposes.

Although we cannot completely prohibit the use of plastic products in our lives, we can reduce or use other environmentally friendly products to replace the use of plastic products.

Disposable environmentally friendly pulp tableware such as pulp trays, pulp bowls, pulp lunch boxes can be a good substitute for disposable plastic tableware. In addition to the disposable pulp tableware, Shenglin Packaging also has other disposable food packaging products, such as paper bowls, paper cups, and paper boxes. Please feel free to inquiry.

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