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The difference between bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks(1)

1. Comparison of environmental protection(bamboo chopsticks)
Wooden chopsticks are made of wood and need to cut down trees. The growth cycle of trees is relatively long and the regeneration cycle of forest resources is slow, which will cause ecological damage to a certain extent and is not environmental friendly enough. Bamboo chopsticks are made of bamboo. Bamboo has shorter growth cycle than wood, faster resource regeneration cycle and higher environmental protection.

2. Hygienic comparison(bamboo chopsticks)
In order to attract the attention of consumers, businesses usually paint and dye chopsticks. In the process of making wooden chopsticks, they need to glaze their surface, including bleaching procedures of sulfur and other chemicals. The harmful substances left on the surface will fall off in the process of use, which is not conducive to health after being eaten by mistake. Only natural wooden chopsticks are reliable. Bamboo chopsticks are made of natural materials. They can attract consumers' attention without any treatment, which is conducive to human health.
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