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Paper takeaway boxes


Shenglin Packaging recently launched a new Paper takeaway boxes in China.

The outside of the paper takeaway boxes from Shenglin Packaging can be customized and printed to create an exclusive brand visual feast to enhance the brand sense and meet your personalized needs.

paper takeaway boxes

Shenglin Packaging's paper takeaway boxes in China are designed with inner coating. Shenglin Packaging's paper takeaway boxes are waterproof, oil-proof, leak-proof, and not easy to soften.

paper takeaway boxes

We can use Shenglin Packaging's paper takeaway boxes in China to pack fried chicken, pasta, sushi, salads, meals, fried buns and other delicacies.

paper takeaway boxes

Shenglin Packaging's paper takeaway boxes in China can be folded and are flat when not in use. Shenglin Packaging's paper takeaway boxes are easy to store and help save space. When we need to use paper takeaway boxes, we just need to simply fold them.

Shenglin Packaging's paper takeaway boxes in China product details as below: 

Item code



color Description
carton size(cm)
blank or printed Paper takeaway boxes#S
300 gsm+ PE 50 400 34*27*40
175X110X90+50 bank or printed
Paper takeaway boxes#M
300 gsm+ PE
50 200 30*22*40
blank or printed
Paper takeaway boxes#L
300 gsm+ PE
200 35*25*40

paper takeaway boxes

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