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Foldable magnetic cardboard boxes


Shenglin Packaging has recently customized several sizes of Foldable magnetic cardboard boxes for customers.

The biggest difference between the foldable magnetic cardboard boxes customized by Shenglin Packaging and the previously paper boxes is the thickness of the paper used and if we use the magnets to close the paper box.

Shenglin Packaging's foldable magnetic cardboard boxes are high-quality paper boxes, which are beautiful and elegant. We can use Shenglin Packaging's foldable magnetic cardboard boxes to pack various delicious food or other products. Foldable magnetic cardboard boxes can present a special gift for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, Easter, Mother's Day, Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Housewarmings and so on. 

Shenglin Packaging's foldable magnetic cardboard boxes can be placed flat when not in use, which can save space and facilitate storage.

When we need to use Shenglin Packaging's foldable magnetic cardboard boxes, we only need to simply fold the carton and stick the tape on the carton to the corresponding position of the paper box.

Foldable magnetic cardboard boxes product details as below: 

Item code



color Description
carton size(cm)
black or customized design Foldable magnetic cardboard boxes
Outer layer: 157g coated paper + light film, inner 1000g gray cardboard, 4 corner double-sided adhesive stickers
25 40*28*20

Foldable magnetic cardboard boxesFoldable magnetic cardboard boxes

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