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OK-Compost Home certificate

On December 17, 2021, good news came from the European authoritative certification body-abi-vincotte in Belgium. The products of Shenglin Packaging have undergone 12-month biodegradation, composting application, infrared analysis, heavy metal detection and other experiments under the EN13432 standard, obtained the ok-compost certificate issued by the agency. This result marks that all certified Shenglin Packaging products can use the Ok-Compost Home logo. Ok-Compost Home's certified products are compostable.

The trademark shenglin is marked on the Ok-Compost Home certificate. "Shenglin" is the registered global trademark of Shenglin Packaging for its bleached sugarcane tableware product, which is the trade name of Shenglin Packaging, including all bleached sugarcane tableware under the Shenglin Packaging name. 

Composting can significantly reduce the volume of organic waste, and the resulting compost can be used for agricultural and horticultural purposes. About 50% of household waste consists of organic materials, and this proportion will increase in the future due to the increasing popularity of biodegradable products (packaging materials, disposable cutlery and plates...). This is not only the choice of the market but also the general trend.

Please feel free to contact us if anything Shenglin Packaging can help. Thank you.

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