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What are the advantages of the OK-Compost Home certification?

According to the current international market situation, the following three advantages of the EU's OK-Compost Home certification can be briefly obtained.

1. With the EU's plastic restriction policy and people paying more and more attention to environmental protection. Whether it is using disposable biodegradable tableware, or paper bags or biodegradable plastic bags, environmental protection is the general trend. Products that use biodegradable natural materials or biodegradable plastics can meet ecological requirements.

2. The products certified by OK-Compost Home of the European Union are compostable and anaerobic, that is biodegradable.

3. The biodegradable mark of OK-Compost Home of the European Union is a quality mark, which proves that the products certified by OK-Compost have been transparently tested and evaluated by an authoritative and professional independent third party and meet the relevant requirements. Shenglin Packaging sent bagasse trays, bagasse bowls and bagasse lunch boxes to an authoritative third-party agency for inspection. After passing the test, Shenglin Packaging met the requirements of the EU OK-Compost certification and obtained the certification mark.

4. The EU's OK-Compost Home certification, as an authoritative certification recognized by the international market, can prove that the certified products are biodegradable products and enter the global market. Products with the EU's OK-Compost Home certification have an added advantage in the global market..

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