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Japan's "Plastic Resource Recycling Law" to be implemented in April 2022

On March 9, 2022, the Japanese government finalized a new ban "Plastic Resource Circulation Promotion Act" aimed at strengthening the recycling and emission reduction of plastic waste at a cabinet meeting. The government will formulate guidelines for manufacturers such as lightweight and recycling convenience, and said that the "Plastic Resource Circulation Promotion Act" will be implemented in April this year.
The new ban "Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Act" introduces a mechanism for uniform recycling of household-generated food trays, stationery, etc. as "plastic resources".

For restaurants that provide a large number of disposable straws and spoons, the "Plastic Resource Circulation Promotion Act" stipulates that stores are obliged to reduce single-use plastic products, and require certain measures such as charging fees, switching to alternative materials, and asking customers whether to use them. .

Merchants who neglect to take measures will be advised or ordered to improve, and if they still do not comply, a fine of less than 500,000 yen (about 30,000 yuan) will be imposed.
The new bill "Plastic Resource Circulation Promotion Act" also states that products that meet the guidelines will be certified by agencies entrusted by the government, and private enterprises and consumers "must make efforts to use" certified products.

The "Green Procurement Law" stipulates that government agencies such as central ministries and agencies should purchase items that take into account the environment, and certified products will also be included in the target species of the law. The government will also establish a certification system and labels for environmentally friendly products. For those identified as environmentally friendly products, the government will take the lead in purchasing them, and the certification marks are convenient for consumers to purchase.
In addition, it is understood that the new bill finalized this time will not only classify and recycle plastic waste such as plastic bottles and food trays generated by households for recycling, but will further urge localities to recycle plastic waste including stationery and children's toys. Recycling is also carried out uniformly.

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