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Advantages of Bagasse Pulp Products

Bagasse pulp products are manufactured by pulp molding equipment by placing pulp into various specific molds and then dewatering to form the product we see now.

Bagasse pulp products have the following advantages:

1. The raw materials come from a wide range and are environmentally friendly.
The pulp products of Shenglin Packaging are made of perennial bagasse. Bagasse, unlike the commonly used paper materials, does not reduce our forest resources and can protect our environment. Bagasse pulp products are biodegradable and compostable under certain conditions.

bagasse plate

2. Strong plasticity and high degree of freedom.
Bagasse pulp products of many sizes and shapes can be produced by making moulds. Bagasse pulp products can meet the packaging requirements of products of various shapes, and are easy to isolate and locate to prevent collisions.
bagasse pulp long container
The bagasse pulp products of Shenglin Packaging include bagasse pulp trays, bagasse pulp bowls, bagasse pulp lunch boxes, bagasse pulp cups, etc., which can meet the needs of customers.

3. Easy to pack and save cost
Bagasse pulp products are easier to stack, store and transport than other packaging materials. Compared to Styrofoam, it takes up 1/2-2/5 less storage space and has lower shipping and storage costs.

bagasse pulp container

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