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2022 Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday Notice

Tomb-sweeping Day is a major Chinese traditional spring festival, sweeping tombs to worship and cherish ancestors. Qingming Festival is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation since ancient times. It is not only conducive to promoting filial piety and family affection, awakening the common memory of the family, but also promoting the cohesion and identity of family members and even the nation.

Tomb-sweeping Day is a major spring festival for the Chinese nation, which has existed since ancient times. Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has the etiquette concept of respecting ancestors and chasing the future with caution. The Qingming Festival has a long history. It has changed with the development of the times, and has gradually integrated the customs of the Cold Food Festival and the Shangsi Festival.

The Qingming Festival, the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival are known as the four traditional festivals in China. In addition to China, there are some countries and regions in the world that also celebrate Qingming Festival, such as Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and so on.

The Qingming Festival holiday for colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department of Shenglin Packaging is from April 3rd to April 5th, a total of 3 days. April 2 (Saturday) will be arranged to work. During the holiday period, there may be a delay in responding to your message, but we will try our best to respond to you in a timely manner.

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