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German LFGB testing

After the bagasse products packaged by Shenglin were tested by professional institutions in 2018, the bagasse products passed the German LFGB testing requirements.

The German LFGB regulation, also known as the "Food, Tobacco Products, Cosmetics and Other Commodities Management Law", is the most important basic legal document in German food hygiene management, similar to the EU Directive 1935/2004/EC.

The German LFGB regulations have made general and basic regulations on all aspects of German food. All food in the German market and all food-related daily necessities must meet the basic regulations on it.

If the daily necessities that come into contact with food pass the test and comply with Articles 30 and 31 of the German "Food and Commodities Law", they can be certified by the LFGB test report issued by the authorized agency as "products that do not contain chemical toxic substances" and can Sold in the German market.

In the European market, bagasse products that pass the German LFGB testing requirements can enhance customers' confidence and purchase desire, and are a powerful market tool, which greatly increases the competitiveness of products in the market.

The bagasse products packaged by Shenglin not only passed the German LFGB test requirements and obtained the LFGB test report. Shenglin's bagasse products are also OK-compostable, ISO 9001, BRC, LFGB and HACCP certified. Shenglin Packaging has a variety of bagasse products for customers to choose from. Inquiries are welcome.

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