sugarcane bowls

We're one of sugarcane bowls manufacturers and suppliers in China, Our sugarcane bowls have passed China QS test and FDA/BRC/LFGB certification test. Welcome to wholesale sugarcane bowls from our factory, we can provide you with sugarcane bowls price list and quotation.
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  • Sugarcane Bagasse Oval Bowl from Shenglin Packaging is made from natural bagasse fibers. Sugarcane is a Sturdy, elegant material that is strong enough to serve the meals while keeping stylish. The natural fibers are durable and biodegradable. Unlike disposable paper plates and plastic plates, these disposable plates are made with 100% Natural Non-toxic byproduct materials —— NO TREES, NO PLASTIC —— NO PROBLEM!

  • Shenglin Packaging's 32 oz sugarcane bowls are an excellent substitute for traditional paper or plastic. 32 oz sugarcane bowls can be composted commercially. Shenglin Packaging's 32 oz sugarcane bowls are designed to degrade quickly when they are no longer in use, thereby protecting the earth’s reproduction.

  • Shenglin Packaging's disposable fiber bowls are made of natural bagasse left over after sugarcane is squeezed. Fiber bowls of various sizes are compostable and biodegradable. After Shenglin Packaging's fiber bowls are quickly decomposed by biological microorganisms, fiber bowls will not pollute the environment.

  • Shenglin Packaging’s disposable 40 oz sugarcane pulp bowls can be used for salads, meat, bread, cheese, rice and other foods. Shenglin Packaging’s 40 oz sugarcane pulp bowls are very suitable for camping, picnics, lunches, catering, barbecues, parties, weddings and restaurants.

  • 24 oz paper pulp bowls are natural-friendly tableware. Shenglin Packaging's 24 oz paper pulp bowls are biodegradable and compostable. Using 24 oz paper pulp bowls allows us to say no to disposable plastic tableware as much as possible in our lives. Because disposable plastic tableware cannot be biodegraded in a short time, it will pollute our environment.

  • 32 oz bagasse bowl adds convenience to the serving process and handles even the messiest of menu items! Take a step toward going green with this environmentally smart option for Disposable Supplies! Perfect for both hot and cold foods, 32 oz bagasse bowl is an ideal solution for restaurants, caterers, and sandwich shops that serve anything from hot soups to cold salads and dessert dishes. Serve up lunch or dinner bowls, stews, and desserts in this 32 oz bagasse bowl.