Rectangular Paper Bowl
  • Rectangular Paper BowlRectangular Paper Bowl
  • Rectangular Paper BowlRectangular Paper Bowl

Rectangular Paper Bowl

Shenglin packaging has a new rectangular paper bowl. In addition to the characteristics of a round paper bowl, this rectangular paper bowl can also be better used to hold food.

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Product Description

Rectangular Paper Bowl

Brand :N/A

Product origin :XIAMEN, FUJIAN

Delivery time :around 30days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :Good

The green ecological pulp material used in the rectangular paper bowl. The rectangular paper bowl can be made of conventional food-grade kraft paper or white paper. The outside of the rectangular paper bowl can be printed with the customer's logo or various other patterns according to the customer's needs. The printed materials are also food-grade materials, which are safe and healthy.

kraft paper bowlkraft paper bowl

The four sides of the rectangular paper bowl are designed with rounded corners, which makes the rectangular paper bowl round and smooth with texture and more beautiful. The inside of the rectangular paper bowl is coated (it can be PLA or PE material). The coated rectangular paper bowl is waterproof, oil-proof and leak-proof.

Shenglin Packaging has the following rectangular paper bowls for customers to choose:




500ml rectangular paper bowl 171*118, 152*100, 40 50
650ml rectangular paper bowl
171*118, 150*98, 51
750ml rectangular paper bowl 171*118, 152*98, 57 50
1000ml rectangular paper bowl 171*118, 146*94, 75 50
Paper lid
176.9*123.6*19 25 300
PP lid 176.9*123.6*19 50 300

Application: fried rice, fruits, desserts and so on.

Feature: Can be heated, can be refrigerated, can be heated in the microwave for a short time, can be refrigerated in the refrigerator to prevent food odor.

Rectangular Paper BowlRectangular Paper Bowl

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