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"Small paper cup" arouses children's awareness of "big environmental protection"


"Small paper cup" arouses children's awareness of "big environmental protection"

In order to cultivate the practical ability of teenagers, to show their imagination, creativity, guide the children to establish environmental awareness, December 27, holinggol city mostei street haolin community with holinggol city two primary school "paper cup big change" creative handmade activities.

In the activity, the community organized the children to collect the disposable paper cups used at home. Then, the community workers led the children to create the discarded disposable paper cups by cutting, pasting, painting and other skills. In our joint efforts, the waste paper cup into a small cat, bee, rabbit, yellow duck and other delicate small objects.

This activity not only exercises the students' practical ability, stimulates the students' innovation consciousness, but also cultivates the students' environmental awareness, encourages the children to pass the environmental awareness to the people around them, and advocates everyone to build a green home together.

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