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Eucalyptus disposable paper cups are more environmentally friendly


Biome Bioplastics, a foreign company, USES eucalyptus trees to produce a bioplastic that covers traditional disposable paper cups. The new three-part cup is covered in bioplastic, with a wooden paper cup inside and a lid made of different forms of bioplastic.

Cups made from eucalyptus are fully recyclable and are used to make wood or waste paper, according to the report. In tests, the cups were able to break down completely after being placed in the soil for three months, meaning that even if the cups were buried, they would not cause white pollution. According to sky news, coffee shop chains across the UK are actively testing the cups to see how they perform and, if they do well, hope the environmentally friendly disposable wood cups will become the industry's new standard.

The company's mission is to end dependence on oil-based polymers, a toxic component of plastics that causes white pollution, which can be solved with bioplastics made from plant starch. The company is also working with scientists at york university in Canada to create straw bioplastics.

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