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Few cornstarch dishes are currently used now then sugarcane bagasse tableware


But in addition to the restaurant, the reporter found in this few hotel tableware, many shopkeepers for this kind of the attitude of tableware are mostly more recognition, but are unwilling to change for cost reasons: "the cost of using corn starch cutlery compared with using ordinary tableware, each more than 2 yuan more expensive on average, and the sales price is 1.5 yuan, which surrounded by small businesses, cost rise again really can't afford to." Recycling crockery and plastic cutlery is much cheaper. A restaurant owner told the reporter: "ceramic or plastic tableware, the price is about 1 yuan a set."

Huangdao has an agent environmental tableware company. Company manager sun told reporters that the cost of cornstarch tableware is high, because the raw materials are expensive. "Not to mention the cost, say the wholesale price, plastic tableware is usually 20 cents, more than 3 cents of sugar cane, and corn starch up to 65 cents, this is the market. The technology and process are similar, mainly because the corn starch raw material is expensive. Because the cornstarch content of the cornstarch tableware must be guaranteed." In addition, sun told reporters that there are almost 20 restaurants in Qingdao using their disposable eco-friendly tableware.

In addition to being used in restaurants, are cornstarch utensils available at retail outlets? In a few large supermarkets in Qingdao, reporters saw that the shelves did not use cornstarch as raw material to produce disposable tableware. There are only pp plastic tableware and pulp tableware, much of which is pulp made from bagasse.

corn starch cutlery

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