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Cornstarch tableware is a headache for manufacturers


"The process of production of tableware is very simple, corn starch raw material is very good, get to the nearby villages directly buy on line, and then put the raw material into the machine, can put the raw material through high temperature and high pressure according to the mould to do it, don't look at the workshop area is not large, but it was a day if ten or so machine fully open, can produce forty thousand sets, mainly sold to linyi, weifang, and outside the province, Qingdao local selling is not much. Over the years, I've been introducing new equipment and experimenting with a variety of materials, from plastic to cornstarch to sugar cane. The tableware of this kind of pure corn starch failed mainly because of the high content of corn starch, which was poured with water when eating, and melted in less than half an hour. Now it mainly USES imported sugar cane as raw material."

Wang said that the cornstarch tableware is not practical let the manufacturers very nerve-racking. "Our product has a high content of corn starch, which is hard when pressed into shape, but melts when exposed to water, also because of the high content of corn starch. If you want to make it not afraid of water, you have to reduce the starch content, add some plastic raw materials, which is against the environmental protection. So some companies have cut the corn starch a lot to make it easier, but it's still a corn starch product, and in my analysis, 1 percent corn starch is fine."

To identify the real cornstarch tableware, wang said only from the hardness. "Because of the properties of cornstarch, cornstarch utensils is very hard and will not be deformed in a pinch. "If you have a soft cornstarch cutlery, it's probably made of plastic." Reporters learned that some manufacturers do not want to produce corn starch tableware.

At this time the reporter took out in a restaurant in qingdayi disposable cornstarch tableware, after opening to see the label said by a factory in jiangxi province, but the tableware is very soft. According to the contact information left on the tableware, the reporter also dialed the phone of the manufacturer, a staff member responsible for attracting investment told the reporter: "we produce cornstarch cutlery set starch content can reach 60%, absolutely environmental degradation.

cornstarch cutlery set

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