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Green paper cups replace mineral water bottles


There were no signs, no cups, not even a bottle of ordinary mineral water. Instead, there is a simple banner, a meeting location, a simple environmental paper bag for meeting materials, and an environmental paper cup for tea.

Delegates read materials from time to time. Conference materials are thinner than before, and a few sheets of paper summarize the meeting's theme and agenda.

"Save for the people, be frugal must be frugal. "We understand and welcome the return to the no-fryer, no-fryer environment." Wang cheng, a deputy to the National People's Congress of guang'an, said that efficient and pragmatic meetings without formalism are what they want to see and participate in.

Except using green paper cups instead of mineral water bottles. We can know there are some other ways to protect the environment, such as reduce the paper used for the coference ,use the sample green paper bags or non woven bag. 

We can protect the environment from the little things around us. The world will be better.                                              

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