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more ecofriendly sugarcane tableware need to be introduce to all the world


It is estimated that the daily order volume of ele. me, Meituan and baidu waimai platforms is around 20 million. According to an order that includes at least two meal boxes and one plastic bag, each box is an average of 6cm in height, which can be stacked up to three and a half times a day from the earth to the international space station. Calculated as 0.06 square meters per plastic bag, a day's consumption of plastic bags can cover 168 football fields.

It can be seen that there are environmental protection articles on the seemingly insignificant small lunch box. Therefore, reducing the frequency and quantity of disposable tableware and developing and promoting the use of eco friendly disposable tableware with easy degradation and less pollution are of significant environmental significance. Although biodegradable tableware such as starch - based tableware has long been available, its practical application is not ideal. Not only the market is nowhere to be found, and today, whether it is catering businesses or consumers know little about it, even doubt. Investigate its reason, still be those environmental protection tableware on market up to now not only relative to common one-time product price is tall, and quality good and bad are interchangeable, lack market competition ability and use advantage nature hard win the favour of businessman and consumer.

Therefore, to speed up the development of environmental tableware to promote the use of the pace(such as sugarcane tableware and CPLA cutlery), curb the plastic box pollution waste phenomenon. On the one hand, we should strengthen the publicity and guidance, so that merchants and diners understand and give priority to the selection of eco friendly lunch boxes; Should be led by the relevant departments on the other hand, exploring from product development to sales of use and recycling a set of incentive security policies and measures to fall to the ground, the degradation of cost price, practical performance, etc, should be resolved short board, carry out environmental protection tableware promotes the use of "obstacle", enhance the market competitiveness of green boxes and maximum recognition, push the reduced use of disposable tableware and environmental protection the gradually popularization of tableware.

eco friendly lunch boxes

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