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More and more sugarcane bagasse tableware goes to the world


Chinese "bagasse" americans like, exports of environmentally friendly paper tableware doubled

Bagasse from China went through a series of processes to become a popular eco-friendly paper tableware on American tables.

The United States is the main export market for China's paper pulp tableware. According to introducing, paper makes tableware basically with bagasse is raw material( which is sugarcane bagasse tableware), via pulp mould makes, have the characteristic of pure natural, biodegradable, and the price is moderate, catered to the demand of American society to eco friendly tableware, export prospect is good. Sugarcane tableware are mainly includesugarcane bagasse pulp plate, sugarcane bagasse pulp food container and sugarcane bagasse pulp food bowl.

However, in addition to the United States, China's diversified paper tableware market is also preliminary formation. The country that our country exports paper system tableware amounts to 24, main export country and area have Australia, United States, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Lebanon to wait. Almost all over the world.

In the face of a good export situation, this new environmental protection industry is ushering in a period of development, industry concentration is increasing.

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