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cornstarch cutlery


Cornstarch tableware is a degradable product which is mainly made of corn starch and processed by a high-tech production process. Cornstarch disposable cutlery in natural conditions can degrade itself which avoid environmental pollution and saving non-renewable resources such as oil.

Corn starch-based biodegradable tableware is a pollution-free green product for human survival and environmental protection.

Corn starch tableware currently on the market generally refers to cornstarch fork knife spoon.

Corn starch meal has the following characteristics:

1. High quality, good product density,

2. Water-resistant, oil-resistant, anti-permeation and has good high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance,

3. Suitable for refrigerator freezing, cold storage, fresh-keeping food, microwave heating and so on.

Eco green cutlery has no pollution and the product is buried in the soil. At an appropriate temperature, cornstarch tableware can be degraded to form carbon dioxide and water after 90 days without causing pollution to the soil and air.

Cornstarch cutlery is conducive to resource conservation. Because corn starch is a renewable resource, while paper tableware and plastic tableware require a lot of wood and petrochemical products. If corn starch is used as a raw material, a lot of oil and forest resources can be saved.

cornstarch tableware

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