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British Retail Consortium (BRC for short) is an important international trade association. BRC members include large multinational retail chains, department stores, town shops, online stores and other retailers. The products cover a wide range.

In 1998, the British Retailers Association developed the BRC Food Technical Standard  to assess the safety of retailers' own-brand foods in response to industry needs. At present, BRC  Food Technical Standard has become an internationally recognized food standard. 

The BRC Food Technical Standard includes the following four standards:

BRC Global Standard-Food

BRC Global Standard-Consumer Goods

BRC Global Standard-Food Packaging

BRC Global Standards-Identity Preservation of Non-GMO Foods

Not only can  BRC Food Technical Standard be used to evaluate retailers' suppliers, but many companies have established their own supplier evaluation systems and branded product standards based on it. Many European and global retailers, such as Australia, also require BRC certificates as a condition when selecting a supplier.

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