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Eco friendly tableware


Eco friendly tableware is made of materials that are harmless to humans. Eco green food packaging are non-toxic, odorless, and easily degradable. Eco friendly disposable tableware will not polluted during production, use, and destruction.

The product quality fully meets the national food hygiene requirements. After useing, green tableware has the characteristics of easy recycling, easy disposal or easy consumption.

Environmental protection tableware is not equal to degradation tableware, degradation tableware is just one type of environmental protection tableware. Eco tableware helps to protect the environment and reduce white pollution.

Disposable environmental protection tableware is divided into the following three categories according to the source of raw materials, production process, degradation method and recycling level:

1. Biodegradable: such as paper products (including pulp molding type, cardboard coating film type), edible powder molding type, plant fiber molding type and so on.

2. Photo / biodegradable materials: photo / biodegradable plastic (non-foamed) type, such as photobiodegradable PP.

3. Materials that are easy to recycle: such as polypropylene (PP), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), biaxially oriented polystyrene (BOPS), natural inorganic mineral filled polypropylene composite products and so on.

eco friendly tableware

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