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Chile officially bans plastic legislation


According to Xinhua News Agency, Santiago, August 3, 2018 (Reporter Dang Qi Wang Pei) Chile officially promulgated the "Plastics Prohibition Law" on the 3rd. The Plastic Ban Law prohibits all supermarkets and shops across the country from providing plastic bags to customers. Chile is the first country in Latin America to ban merchants from providing plastic bags to shoppers because of this plastic ban.

    The "Plastics Prohibition Law" stipulates that from August 3, 2018, large supermarkets, shopping centers and department stores across the country will have a 6-month buffer period. 

During the buffer period, up to 2 plastic bags can be provided to each shopper. From February 3, 2019, all large supermarkets and shopping malls will no longer be able to provide shoppers with free or paid plastic bags. Those who violate the law will be fined. The fine for each illegally provided plastic bag can be up to USD 370.

    According to the "Plastics Prohibition Law", small and medium-sized businesses enjoy a two-year buffer period during which two plastic bags can be provided to each shopper. Starting from August 3, 2020, Chile will fully ban the plastic.

After the legislation prohibiting the use of plastics, plastic bags will gradually decrease. And some green packaging will appear, such as cloth bags, paper bag, non-woven bag and biodegradable bags, to meet people's demand for bags.Welcome to choose custom non woven  bags

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