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benefits of bagasse tableware


Bagasse tableware refers to tableware made from bagasse.  

Bagasse tableware has the following benefits:

1) Able to add water to be heated in the microwave oven till boiling. 

2) Microwave safe. Suitable for all hot and cold food. 

3) Water and oil proof. up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) in hot water and up to 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Fahrenheit) in hot oil.

4) No heavy metal. 

5) No fluorescent materials. 

6) Biodegradable and recycling. 

7) Normal color, odorless.  

8) Smooth and clean substrate surface with consistent texture, no scratches on surface layer, no wrinkles on surface layer, no fractures or holes. 

9) Surface is non oily, no dust, mold or other foreign matters. 

10) Smooth rims, products with lids easy to close flat.

sugarcane bagasse tableware

Because bagasse fiber is a plant fiber, this is different from the wood pulp that was commonly used before.It helps reduce human damage to forest resources.

Bagasse products are degradable products. With the increasing uses of bagasse pulp tableware in our daily life and reducing uses of plastic tableware. It helps to reduce white pollution.

Sugarcane bagasse tableware from Shenglin Trading have above advantages and they have bagasse trays/ sugarcane plates,bagasse containers, bagasse bowls which are meet great favor all over the world. Welcome to inquiry. Thank you.

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