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India bans single-use plastic onboard ships in the second stage


It is currently in the second stage of the maritime environmental protection "plastic ban" issued by the Indian government in 2019.

The Plastic Prohibition Order explicitly prohibits the use of single-use plastic supplies on all ships calling at Indian ports or transiting Indian waters. This is the first case among all countries in the world.

The Indian maritime department said that before ships enter Indian waters, especially before calling at ports. All plastic products that are prohibited from use must be sealed.

Starting January 1st, 2020 (synchronized with the IMO "Sulfur Restriction Order"), the Indian government bans the use of the following single-use plastic products by ships in transit:

1) Various plastic bags, plastic trays, plastic box containers and food packaging films;

2) Milk bottles, frozen bags, ordinary shampoo bottles, ice cream packaging boxes;

3) Vials for water and other beverages, containers for cleaning fluids, and cookie trays;

4) Hot drink cups, insulated food packaging, protective packaging for fragile items;

5) Microwave tableware, ice bucket, potato chips packaging bag, plastic bottle cap.

According to the Indian Maritime Department, India's "plastic ban" will gradually be included in the scope of PSC inspections, which will become a normalized inspection content of the Indian PSC and implement corresponding punishment measures.

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